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How to Ask a Question Well + How to Interrupt Someone + How to be Appreciative

Pages 73, 105 and 186 in The Advice Trap
Put them somewhere you’ll see them regularly, practice, and change the way you lead forever.

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Future You Leadership: Where Empathy, Mindfulness and Humility Meet

Page 53 in The Advice Trap

Writing a book always involves writing and writing and writing … and then leaving some of the best bits on the editing floor. I got thoroughly intrigued by the idea of curiosity fuelling empathy, mindfulness and humility. I nod towards that in The Advice Trap, but I wanted to go deeper. You can download that article here.

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Stories from Reality

Page 222 in The Advice Trap

UPDATE: This is unfortunately one of those things where Michael's ambition out stripped reality ... and we don't have any immediate plans to get these up. Apologies for the let down.