Michael Bungay Stanier


Want a better year than the one you've just had? 

Build a life well-lived.
One week at a time.

Join me and a supportive community for a new mini-lesson from a new teacher every week, so that together we can build lives we love.

Here's what happens every week ... 

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We release one short video from a new teacher 

Teaching something important, impactful, and actionable  

I send a teaching email

Guiding and helping you extract the very best of the video lesson

A community supports you

With opportunities to learn and engage with others (if you want)


Check out Dolly Chugh on How to Lower Your Standards 

Some of our incredible faculty ... 

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What our students are saying ...  

"This slots nicely into my life"

"The sessions are short, focused, varied and interesting and it is something I look forward to dropping into my mailbox. When signing up I worried about the commitment of time I may be making, but this slots nicely into my life."
~ Ali Laithwaite

"Fabulous range of divergent thinkers"

"Fabulous range of divergent thinkers. Diverse and interesting language being used to challenge thinking. The inputs from this course are sparking trains of thought not explored before – or revisited in a fresh and meaningful way. Thank you."
~ Paul

"I feel myself fully engaged"

"The written materials and videos are packed full of interesting information and tools which I can apply in my life and working with clients. I appreciate Michael's insights and how freely he shares the wisdom of others. I feel myself fully engaged. I not only feel lighter and energized after engaging with the course, I find myself telling others about what I have learned and how I am using it. Thank you for the impact the Year of Living Brilliantly is having on my life and know the ripple effect will reach countless others." 
~ S.F.

"My team has been using The Year of Living Brilliantly"

"My team has been using The Year of Living Brilliantly as a weekly "video book club" to stay connected and keep learning during the quarantine and social distancing. Every Friday we gather at lunchtime for 1/2 hour to watch a video and discuss our thoughts on it.  We're really enjoying the lessons (although occasionally we skip one) and the diversity of the presenters.  Thanks very much for creating this totally useful series." 
~ Julia Beardwood

"I have found purpose and meaning" 

"This is a tough year to try to live brilliantly! Then again, it might be the best time to dig in and gain a little more perspective and insight into our limiting beliefs and motivations. And YoLB has certainly provided me with that opportunity.

I've rediscovered some things I already knew about myself but didn't necessarily want to admit. I've looked at the lessons I've learned over the years from a new perspective and realized that a few of those lessons needed to be discarded or reframed. In that reexamination, I have found purpose and meaning. All of this has sparked some very real, honest, and vulnerable conversations." 
~ Erica, YoLB participant

"One of the best learning opportunities in my life"

"The program is awesome as it is continuously challenging me, my thinking, my beliefs. Having an accountability partner, I learn even more, see other perspectives and better stick to my weekly commitments. The videos are powerful and the fact that there are captions and transcripts helps me to reflect even more.

This program has been one of the two best learning opportunities in my life - the second one is being a father. I have used some of the YoLB content in my father-role... Thank you so much Michael and team for this outstanding offering, I am wholeheartedly grateful for it.
~ Andreas

And yes, it's completely free. You in?